Empower your clients and employees to find information faster

Leverage natural language processing and AI to search through your company knowledge from a single window


single source of truth for your team's knowledge


reduction of time saved on looking for information


start automating queries on the first day

Intelligent support agent


Search with simple natural language queries, get structured search results in a clean form. Narrow them down with filters and suggestion system if needed.


Ask questions and get a document fragment as an answer, along with the file itself. See other related information in the same place.

External interfaces

Use ready elements for your website, app or internal communicator. Start automating queries from you customers or internal users.

Knowledge base

Use existing documents

Use your existing documents to automate internal and external inquiries. All popular formats are supported.

Connect websites

Scrape websites and connect them to your knowledge base. Automatically get the most recent version with no manual work.

Integrate external tools

Connect external drives, apps, tools and have one place to search through them all, instantly.

Stats and analytics

Learn what your customers and teammates are interested in

Get a full report on what your team members and clients are looking for. Extend knowledge base with a desired content on regular basis.

See most popular topics and inquiries

Learn what interests your users most. Use it to optimize your trainings, external communication, on-boarding and many more.

Track efficiency and commitment of your teams

See how your team is performing and how it improves over the time. Track growth of your internal knowledge base and optimize it using data.

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Integrate external applications

Connect your external sources of information and use different ways to access what your customers and client need



Make it possible for your employees to search all company knowledge directly from Slack.



Connect Sharepoint as your external source of information and sync in real time with no extra fuss.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Integrate Google Drive spaces to extend bot knowledge with your Google docs, files and everything else.



Integrate NextCloud as one of your sources of information. Improve search quality directly on NextCloud too.



Automate queries from your customer through your Livechat solution. Take your chatbot to another level.



Make important internal information easly accessible for your employees. Automate queries to your internal teams.


CMS / HCM tools

Access client/employee information from the same place as everything else - integrate your tools.



Scrap websites on the Internet and integrate them into your knowledge base. Get latest version automatically.

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9 reasons to use BOTWISE

Time saving

Save the time of your employees and clients searching and gathering information. Make your employees focused on things that matter.


Limit disturbances and breaking out of focus for your teams. Make it possible for your customers to access information 24/7.

Single source of truth

Access distributed company knowledge just from a single place. Forget about remembering where and how to find what.


Cloud and on-premise possibilities - automate and use BOTWISE on your internal servers, without any external services from the Internet.

No tech skills

Use and scale all by yourself. No technical skills, a necessity for day-to-day external support, or consultant support is required.

Easy set-up

Use your existing documents, websites and data to quickly automate and improve the search experience.


Add integrations, documents, information easily. Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve quality over time.


Search through all formats of your documents, connect multiple types of external shared drives, wikis and Internet websites.


Know what users are interested in. Get actionable insights to improve the quality of your service, onboarding and documentation.