Instantly access distributed company knowledge from one place

BOTWISE speeds up access to distributed company knowledge from a single place, saving even 90% of time spent on searching and gathering information.


How it works?

Integrate existing documents and applications

BOTWISE will automatically process your documents and other sources of knowledge. You don't need to build scenarios, tag documents, and create lists of questions and answers!


Get instant access to answers

Your employees and customers will have access to all knowledge through one intelligent bot window. You no longer need to remember where the information are located. No more going through piles of folders and browsing dozens of documents!


Measure, analyze and automate queries!

Analyze the issues your employees and customers ask about. Get valuable data and tips to expand and optimize your knowledge base. Take advantage of the bot intelligence grow over time and automate selected issues 24/7!


Find out more and check how BOTWISE can reduce the time spent on finding the right answers even by 90%!

Perfect match for your department

Customer Service / Customer Care

  • Shorten the response time - improve AHT and NPS
  • Automate customer inquiries, not only the most popular ones, enable access to information 24/7
  • Increase the efficiency of consultants - handle more inquiries at the same time
  • Solve queries at the first contact - improve FCR, reduce team specializations
  • Shorten on-boarding of new employees

Human Resources

  • Enable employees to independently and quickly find information from one place
  • Reduce the number of inquiries to the HR department
  • Reduce information chaos - improve employee NPS
  • Let employees focus on their key tasks
  • Improve internal communication, analyze employee needs

🚀Our customers
about us

The solution allowed us to reduce the number of inquiries to the second line support at the Bank at a strategic moment, thanks to which we reduced average handling time by 7%. In the analyzed period, 97.6% of intentions were recognized

Ilona Dawidowska

Director of the Development and Support Office

Thanks to the integration with the internal knowledge base, customer service consultants could obtain the necessary information through one window, which allowed us to shorten the time of customer service. We obtained 84% effective answers already during the testing phase

Kamil Chmielewski

Quality Monitoring and Training Manager

The tool supports city hotline brokers on a daily basis and helps them search many different sources of knowledge from one place. At the same time, it helps residents find the most important information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Konrad Zawadzki

Director, Poznań Office Contact

BOTWISE will enable us to organize the knowledge of our organization. It will help not only to increase the efficiency of processes, but by integrating with existing data repositories, it will be used for immediate access to documentation for 4 business lines

Marek Chudziak

Head of Marketing & Innovation


Integrate different systems in a single window.
Search them all from one place!

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