Case study – City of Poznań

Case study – City of Poznań

The Poznań Contact Office acts as a municipal Call / Contact Center. It informs about the place, time, procedure, necessary documents/forms and fees related to settlement of cases at the Poznań City Hall. One of its tasks is also booking visits of the Poznań City Hall clients as well as carrying out orders for telephone surveys and outgoing information campaigns. The work of the Office is to support substantive departments in handling routine matters.


  • Dynamically changing legal regulations, benefits, fees, documents
  • A wide range of topics dealt with by one hotline
  • A large number of redirections to specific offices, possibility to provide only general information
  • Collecting information from many various administrative units
  • Some employees with a certified disability - the new solution had to be user-friendly and intuitive


BOTWISE supports all of these challenges for the Office workers – it contains about 600 various documents that brokers are able to search using natural language queries. In case the broker asks a general question, the bot will also direct him/her to the correct answer.

In each answer we will find the document from which the information comes. The bot can also display graphical elements for a better understanding of the content or links to external sources and conclusions – helpful for selected issues.

City of Poznan

What is important, the most of the bot's responses are generated automatically on the basis of documents in the database! Brokers with special „Teacher” permissions can train the bot with additional issues and teach it the correct answers using a simple text editor.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Office also introduced an external bot that supports residents in finding information related to administrative matters 24/7.

The bot itself collects information and analytical data regarding the questions asked, thanks to which the employees of the municipal hotline are able to systematically expand the scope of issues handled automatically by the bot. The operation of the described solution can be tested on the website of the Poznań City Hall.

In the next steps, we also plan to integrate the solution with the call center and CRM system, thanks to which brokers will have access to the knowledge base and service panel in one place. What's more, we will also automatically fill in some of the data in CRM based on queries entered by brokers! We will describe it in a separate case study 😎


  • Expanding the serviced area of ​​knowledge – most cases resolved at the first contact
  • Increase in the number of queries handled by brokers – better efficiency
  • Automation of knowledge base updates with various external websites
  • Automation of the most popular queries

The tool supports city hotline brokers on a daily basis and helps them search many different sources of knowledge from one place. At the same time, it helps residents find the most important information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Konrad Zawadzki, Director of the Poznań Contact Office