BOTWISE for financial companies

Smart application for customer service teams

As many as 89% of companies compete not so much with the product as with the quality of service. Check out BOTWISE - an application that improves the work of customer service teams - and stay ahead of the competition.


How does it work?

Impress customers with knowledge about products and services

The worst thing a client can hear during a conversation is „I don't know”. As many as 84% ​​of clients feel annoyed when a consultant does not know the answer. Ignorance of your employee is frustrating, undermines the competence of the customer care team and distrusts the company .

With BOTWISE you will integrate existing knowledge bases. Data from documents, wikis and various systems and applications will be in one place. Thanks to this system will provide the consultant with the right information. possible solutions, and your company will avoid an image slip-up. No more customer question will remain unanswered.

Reduce the waiting time for customer service

As many as 30% of customers would rather do not-so-pleasant household activities than wait too long to be connected to a helpline consultant. Financial companies complain that they are unable to handle all requests and are wondering how to shorten the waiting time for a response and systematize the way You do that too?

With BOTWISE you will have instant access to answers through one window of the intelligent bot. No more time-consuming searching through millions of folders and browsing thousands of documents. you will find the information you need up to 90% faster - your customers will love you for it!

Adjust service to customer needs

One customer prefers to talk and call for detailed information, while another prefers to find the solution they need. Failure to service in the manner preferred by the customer may result in the loss of an existing customer or an opportunity to sell. How to avoid this?

Use BOTWISE to provide customers with information about a product or service so that they can find answers to their questions on their own. of the questions asked, it will allow you to search for documents or check the availability of consultants - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Check how BOTWISE has helped to improve customer service at Santander Bank

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A tool for your department

Develop a committed team of consultants

Wondering how to prevent employee turnover? Or are you looking for ways to stay motivated? Preventing consultant fatigue contributes to poor customer service. It is also a priority challenge for the management of customer service teams in financial companies.

With the help of BOTWISE you will shorten the implementation time of new employees, you will quickly equalize knowledge in the team and increase the comfort of work. You will provide consultants with conditions that will motivate them to work. Engaging consultants in your work will translate into your satisfaction customers.

Improve processes and quality of customer service

There are no perfect service departments, but the most important thing is process improvement. In servicing financial companies' clients, the key is to reduce problems to a minimum. Modern tools, as well as analysis, systematic and process automation are helpful in this. with an excess of used systems, which - in the absence of integration - are more and more expensive to manage and administer.

With BOTWISE you will take customer service to a higher level. The application will allow you to integrate the tools used analyze the issues your customers ask about. This will give you valuable data and tips on how to improve the quality of documents, procedures and communication. Use the learning of the bot and improve customer service, without any additional work!

See how BOTWISE can shorten the search time for information in your company!

🚀Customers appreciate BOTWISE

The solution was implemented for production and used by about 300 advisers. This allowed us to reduce the number of advisers' inquiries to the support line at the Bank at a strategic moment, thanks to which the call time was reduced by 7%. In the analyzed period, 8,827 chatbot queries, of which 97.6% of intentions have been recognized

Ilona Dawidowska

Director of the Development and Support Office, ICC

BOTWISE will enable us to organize the knowledge of our organization. It will help not only to increase the efficiency of processes, but through integration with existing data repositories, it will be used for immediate access to documentation within 4 business lines

Marek Chudziak

Head of Marketing & Innovation